10.000 visual fragments from Rialto bridge in Venice

Un progetto fotografico di Max Farina

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208 pages with more than 10,000 photos collected!

Also available in “collector edition”, with a fine art photographic work inside the book, unique and always different for each copy, an authentic silver photo print (Lambda C-Print), protected by a double layer of plexiglass + dibond.

More than 10.000 photos shot for over two years from the same position

to create a new panorama from the Rialto bridge in Venice

The Panorama

My personal view from the Rialto bridge is a complex decomposition made of 78 different fragments, picked among the thousands of photos I shot for this project. Thanks to your pledges, this original view of Canal Grande will transform one of the most popular postcard images of Venice into a lively and interactive experience.

Now you can create your unique Panorama of Venice!

The Observers

In order to depict the “Rialto people” I decided to apply a similar approach, splitting their viewpoint in two different frames. What they were experiencing had been captured as a quick sequence of actions, thanks to the almost simultaneous shutter click of two different cameras joined together whit a metal clamp.